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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by Wacko Smackos on 6/6/2019, 9:34 am

Server Rules:
1 - No Advertising in chat or in PM/DM. Sending unsolicited invite, self-promoting or shady links will result in a ban.

2 - No spamming links, images, mentions, etc.

3 - If you can't setup voice activation properly you must use push to talk.

4 - Mentioning @Moderator role tags for no reason is prohibited.

5 - Act civil in the voice chats.

6 - Do not post anything illegal or against Discord ToS.

7 - Be polite and respect each other. Slurs, excessive profanity, harassment, sexism, racism, bullying, and offensive discussions will not be tolerated.

8 - Do not expose the personal information of any member of this server without their consent, in public or private.

9 - Do not impersonate other users, especially staff and developers.

10 - Stream sniping or the use of external information as an advantage over another player is a bannable offense.

11 - No helping banned users access the community and its services.

12 - No channel hopping.

13 - No NSFW to be posted anywhere.

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